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20 November 2005 @ 11:55 pm
Hey another thing, i know i'm new and everything to this community but i need to say something. I'm not meaning to offend anyone with this post either because some would be because i know weight is a very sensitive subject. I'm reading past post and i'm reading things like "i weighed myself this morning and i can't stand to look at the scale " or "i'm trying to find ways not to hate myself.." I know losing weight is a long strenious process (trust me i know. i use to weight alot more than i do now). Don't hate yourself because of weight. It's something you progressively will get better at overtime. As long as your not abusing your body to get to the body you want. Eat healthity and get your required nutrients. Take daily supplements too. It's helps your find the right balance in your body chemistry. If you have teh right balance your body will be able to function alot better. You should be fine. Be the weight your body is made for. Living in Los Angeles i see alot of very attractive girls of all shapes and sizes. They all aren't 6'0 and 10 lbs and what you see in the magazines. I also see alot of girls who are underweight and very unhealthy. I see models who look like they could use meat on their bones and you know by looking at them, that they didn't get that way naturally and i wish some of them would realize that they would look better with not just skin on their bones. I work in a place that has many celebrities come in and though you may think they look good in the magazines. Those tabloids do add weight and in person, you would be in total shock. Treat yourself well and be happy. Everyday you see yourself make sure you're not just judging yourself on your physical appearance and tearing yourself apart, but yourself as a whole. These things take time and just think, today is a new day and I will take another step closer to my goal. I have been at that point before where i was weighing myself at least 3 times everyday and just getting fustrated and completely overwhelmed with the idea that it was just so hard to take off those pounds. Look at the broad spectrum where that if you stick to your goal even for a couple weeks, a couple months, there will definetly be a difference from point A to point B.

Ok i'm going to stop preaching and being a dork. Good luck you all.

-Layla Kamikaze
♥Mrs.V♥: Mon Amourdrivenbylove on November 21st, 2005 02:02 pm (UTC)
Aww that was wonderful! Thanks for the encouragement! <3